The Mortgage Bankers Association is a professional association that promotes the Arkansas mortgage industry through leadership, education, and representation. We are committed to serving as a collective voice to local, state, and federal government officials on behalf of its members and affiliates.

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1985 Dennis Mills

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1978 Jimmy D. Sullivan

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1975 Robert Brown

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1972 Frank McGehee

1971 Lyndell E. Lay

1970 George Pitts, Jr.

1969 John Kooistra, Jr.

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1965 Roy C. Bilheimer

1964 Carl Vess

1963 Byran Shriver

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1959 William E. Terry

1958 George Carroll

1957 Ruby Del Donno

1956 Sam J. Fleming

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Mortgage Bankers Association of Arkansas was formed more than forty years ago to encourage sound and ethical business practices among its members; to acquire and disseminate correct and current information on pending legislation, rules and regulations affecting the real estate and mortgage business; to provide a platform from which the members can express their views. There are four area chapters within the state: Central, Northwest, Northeast, and Western. Each hold monthly membership meetings and special programs designed to fulfill our purpose.

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